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Spotlight Article
Date: 2017-01-09
Article Title: The 2017 Edition of the African American Guide To Nashville Salutes Music City Legends
Article: What is a Legend? Many would define it as someone’s impact while he is alive or how he is remembered after he is gone. Some Legends have left a lasting imprint in Nashville which is a feat unto itself, but having the appeal that reaches beyond the walls of Music City into the global stratosphere is a feat few will ever achieve. The 2017 edition of the Guide highlights 8 iconic Legends who have not only left their imprints across our great city but have used their gifts, intellect, and talent in a way that has proven to be transformative for lifetimes to come. Oprah Winfrey, Little Richard, Tina Turner, John Lewis, Xernona Clayton, William Edmondson, Nikki Giovanni, and Joe Gilliam, Jr. are just a few Legends who have helped make Nashville a better city. Whether it’s fighting for equality for all of mankind, laying the foundation to open new doors in the entertainment and sports industry, bringing diversity to the international media markets, or breaking down doors that now allow appreciation for all art forms, they will always be remembered whether they have passed on in life or still exercise their greatness through the very gifts that propelled them into orbit in the first place. Moreover, these and many more Legends inspire us to achieve greatness through our own destiny and leave us with the notion that you can accomplish anything in life if you set your mind and excellence to it. As this edition explores the highest achievement in excellence through some of the world’s most amazing people, it will also give you a snippet of their journey and just some of the things that made them so amazing. To get a free copy of the 2016 edition of the Guide, visit