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The 2020 Edition of the Guide Celebrates the Forthcoming NMAAM

Nashville, TN – Feb 05, 2020
  Black History Month is often embraced as a celebration of African-American pioneers, trailblazers, activists and inventors who overcame dire odds and obstacles to accomplish great feats. It is also a time to celebrate rich legacies, landmarks, and other exciting contributions that continue to make cities, states and the country for that matter strong in its diversity and inclusion shining a light on its positive impact. For more than 20 years, The American Guide to Nashville, has and continues to bring these matters to the forefront. In this edition of the Guide, we offer an up close and personal look inside the walls of the forthcoming National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) slated to open in late summer of this year. From every genre of
music, to cutting edge technology, to education and history- NMAAM will take its rightful place as a driving force in promoting black music in a very unique way. Music City will once again converge to pay homage to African American greats who have played an important role in our city’s growth, success and special contributions. When these doors open this year, a unique journey fueled by the sound of music coupled with profound stories from some of the greatest black music artists the world has come to know will emerge. It will be an unforgettable unveiling but more important it will be undeniable contribution that will truly pay homage to the words “Music City.” To learn more about the upcoming music museum, visit